Busy & Ilona Andrews

I’ve been busy lately so posting has taken a back seat … Or just stopped to be very honest!

Still feeling busy and slightly easily vexed at the moment, so not entirely sure that proper posts are on the cards for this week either!

But the new Ilona Andrews’ book is fab. In hindsight a lot of characters had very brief cameo mentions but it was still very very good!

Curious: IT Service Desk

I work in a pretty technically literate role but am not in IT, I get to see how dumb some of our users are and I know that our IT Service Desk have to put up with a lot of muppets – not the good type of muppet.

As a general rule IT Service Desks do get a lot of stick from users – a lot of it is unfair as users tend not to help themselves and expect kit (laptops, fancy phones, etc) to grow on trees with zero notice.

However occasionally IT Service Desks really earn their dodgy reputations: through not choice of my own I have a tiny laptop so at my work desk I have a docking station to enable it to take usb cables, but I wasn’t given an extra power cable with the docking station.


This meant that one day working from home I ran out of power as I’d forgotten the power cable – this wasn’t ideal.

So I asked nicely if I could have a second power cable, this transpired in the Service Desk saying they can’t find a proper adaptor so they’ve given me a “non-standard one that someone bought when they lost their proper one”. Service desk handed it over with the words “let’s hope it doesn’t blow everything up”

That reassuring thought means that I’m going to use that cable at work and keep the proper one for home use!

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