Book: Jan Stryvant’s Black Friday – “Was he out of clean underwear again”

The cover of ‘Black Friday’ and it being on Kindle Unlimited were why I read this book – in fairness the cover also should have given me an early warning of the content

There is a fairly basic and juvanile plot that resolves around Sean, a proud nerd, becoming a werelion and trying to work out why lots of people are attacking him.

black friday book

However for me the plot was overshadowed by Sean’s creating a harem of attractive women to have sex with – whilst he is in his hybrid werelion form.

Personally I skim read, at most, sex scenes in books as it’s not my cup of tea. Thanks for ‘Black Friday’ I know know that Furry sex scenes are enough to make me exit a book

Apparently there is most than one book in this series, which just goes to show that there is clearly a market for Furry books – and juvenile writing…

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