Book: Bobby Adair’s ‘Black Rust’ – “I think my batteries are dead”

‘Black Rust’ is set in a post-apocalyptic world with zombies that aren’t really zombies and then opts to ignore them almost entirely  to instead focus on the mild struggles of Christian Black – who almost incidentally earns a living by killing the non-zombie-zombies.

Black is ok enough as a bland male lead with a mysterious past that slowly is drawn out as the book proceeds.

There are a few other characters, most of whom a pretty bland and blank too and there is a plot – it’s just a bit bland and the book seems to go on forever.

Nothing is fundamentally wrong with this book I just found Black a bit dull, the world a bit dull and limited in scope, and then everything that happens in the book is basically to set up the ‘twist’ at the end that sets the scene for the second book.

It’s fine, a lot of authors seem to do that these days, in particular when they can start the first book in the series with a low price and increase it for the sequels; however it does make me thankful that this was a borrowed read on a free trial of Kindle Unlimited as oppose to a book that I actually paid real money for.

And I won’t bother reading the sequel even if I can get it free

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