Film: Django Unchained – “I don’t know what positive means”

As with most aspects of modern pop culture Quentin Tarantino can be rather divisive; some people are very enthusiastic about this work, others are less so.

Personally I liked the overdose of pop cultural irrelevance mixed with artfully stylised violence of ‘Reservoir Dogs’, ‘True Romance’ and ‘Natural Born Killers’. Even ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ had a disposable watchability about it

django unchained

However I find that I’m increasingly indifferent to his later output, with ‘Django Unchained’ being a good example of why; almost of the characters outside of the two leads lack depth or any sense of real dimension, the dialogue feels like it was written purely to be performed – it doesn’t tell you much of value and it’s hard to imagine natural conversation flowing in the way that Tarantino seems to think it does.

Some people have hailed ‘Django Unchained’ as being a powerful piece of cinema that showcases the brutality of slavery – I was pretty happy in the knowledge that slavery was bad before I watched the film so maybe I wasn’t the target audience.

Watching the film did permit me to see Tarantino’s usual mix of unpleasant scenes, emotional set pieces (generally from underwritten female roles) and lots of dead people. The ridiculous overuse of squibs in the final act was noteworthy and probably meant to be humorous, however it got to the point of feeling overblown and silly.

However it was a lot better than ‘Death Proof’

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