Rant: Everything and Nothing

This November isn’t feeling a fun month, it’s not one big thing just lots of little ones that are driving me around the bend

From the top:

On the 1st November I sat a stupid exam at the end of a stupid course on System Modelling – the course hadn’t been good and the exam was a bit grim even before I noticed the first question (out of three) asked for us to use a specific form of notation for our dodgy wonky diagrams; this form of notation hadn’t been taught on the course…

So now I get to wait eight weeks for the result, I am really hoping that I scrape a pass as I really don’t want to do that rubbish again

The weekend of bonfire night we always get a lot of fireworks where I live – although I am increasingly wondering what exactly we are celebrating on Guy Fawkes, neither cat is a fan of fireworks. Yet due to scheduling issues for the second year running I had to look after them solo as my spouse was away for the entire weekend

Not that my spouse was necessarily having fun, they were rear-ended by some prats in a van on the Friday when they were minutes away from their Northerly destination. Then the weekend transpired to have been rather rigged through abuse of the stupid Favourite Game system – don’t ask.

Then the week after that there were hiccups and general f**kery at Spouse’s work, bad traffic all week, failed car MOT, whiplash aftermath, my work deciding that I need to go to Liverpool again and trying to dictate when that will be, the postroom doing stupid things with my post – I admit that it wasn’t labelled well however it really shouldn’t be that complicated given how ‘unique’ my name spelling is

Add in that my normal annoyance outlet is not available as my long-term gym is closed for at least two weeks due t some dubious claim about needing to “monitor the underwater water supply with a view to possibly relocating the route of the incoming electrical supply” and I am feeling anger rising far too easily of late

Even stupid things like the binmen putting my emptied bin outside of a random house three doors down is enough to currently making my blood boil

I am really hoping that things calm down a smidge and that the gym reopens soon

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