Film: The Mummy (2017) – “It’s not an exact science, this business”

Any remake runs the risk of struggling under the weight of expectations set by the original, this felt very apparent in the Tom Cruise version of ‘The Mummy

The main reason that I had any interest in seeing this film was because of the unintentionally funny version of the trailer that was put online with most of the sound effects missing – leaving the random grunting and screaming to take centre stage.


Watching the finished film is a fairly similar experience, there are monsters and special effects however it feels like something fundamental is missing. Tom Cruise plays his usual barely two-dimensional self – which works for the first half of the film as the audience is meant to think that he’s a self-serving jerk, however it doesn’t make him believably redeemable

The plot is predictable enough to be light entertainment if you detach your brain there are various action scenes however there is no real sense of peril and the acting deserves special mention for being rubbish – even for a big budget action film

Russell Crowe as Dr Henry Jekyll, yes THAT Jerkyll, is utterly awful and feels shoe-horned in, however at least he got a central role; poor Sofia Boutella plays the title character yet is very much not the focus of the film (that would be Tom).

The best actor – and indeed character, in the film was Jake Johnson who plays Cruise’s semi-hallucination very dead sidekick, he was a less OTT version of Beni from the 1999 version of The Mummy

If you can watch this film very very cheaply and have very very low standards then it might be largely unintentionally funny enough to bother

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