Garden: Walnut Tree

We now have a second allotment, basically we were offered it and were going to decline – then Chris Grayling the Transport Secretary (?!) declared that a no-deal Brexit was all at going to be fine because the UK could simply grow more food

At which point having another allotment seemed a better idea than trusting the government to not send food prices skyrocketing

Anyway, the new allotment – affectionately nicknamed Site B, had a random tree on it, around six foot. The new neighbour – who was over the moon to have neighbours for the overgrown site,  advised that it was walnut tree and said it would be best removed

walnut tree

(Photo from Fast Growing Trees)

I took this with a pinch of salt until I decided to see how big walnut trees could grow… turns out 30 metres (100 feet) tall and 15 metres (50 feet) wide. This is rather too large for my tastes given the allotment is 125 square metres

it turns out you can’t even keep walnut trees in pots due to the ridiculously large and deep root structure that is required to support such a big  tree. So the walnut tree was cut down, which feels a little sad as it turns out that it was only six years old

Maybe I need to find a more manageable tree to grow in it’s place – assuming I can dig out the roots!

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