Book: Shayne Silvers’ ‘Obsidian Son’ – “Then I was off again, feeling marginally better”

It’s very hard to have anything truly original given how many things have gone before, however it’s a little tricky to think of anything except “Batman with magic” at most of the backstory for the main character of ‘Obsidian Son’

Nate Temple has dead parents, who had a company they owned and was named after them, they left him lots and lots of money, he’s an arrogant prick, he fights crime (sort of), has friends with ‘powers’ and lots of inexplicably hot ladies seek him out

obsidian son

So yes Batman with magic that he very rarely uses and a city with a dragon problem… it’s a pretty decent sounding plot however the writing is basic and rather juvanile, plus it did feel like the book went on for an awfully long time in particular as Nate really is a clueless prick for the vast majority of it…

Due to Kindle Unlimited I didn’t pay money for it so yeah it was ok I suppose, really cant be bothered to faff with putting a link in for it though.

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