Book: The manual for my fridge?!

Ok so it’s a couple of days before Christmas, I’ve just picked up the turkey and a fridge full of festive goodies and then the fridge starts making a scary noise

To be precise it’s a whirring drone that has a fan-like feel to it, this has me seriously on edge

After some fun packed fridge manual studying my darling spouse thinks he’s worked out that it is and has an idea or two about how to stop the noise – preferably whilst not breaking the fridge

However given the time of year and the current monetary value of food currently inside the fridge he isn’t allowed to try any fix until at least Wednesday when the leftovers are largely reduced and I could perhaps cope physiologically if disaster struck

So many fingers are crossed right now that the fridge keeps working – even noisily ,until after the darn festive season and the associated food mountain that it apparently requires

On a more book related note, I was recommended a serial format novella The Queen’s Gambit by Jessie Mihalik, it’s science fiction but not in a bad way and so far I’m really enjoying it – way more so then the fridge manual

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