Film: Bright – “like a nuclear weapon that grants wishes”

Netflix is a relatively recent novelty in our house, I tend to prefer films to TVs series simply because I can have a start, middle and end for only a couple of hours of investment – although films are starting to have such long running lengths that I may soon need to reassess this logic

There aren’t many films that I’ve been that taken with on Netflix so I was excited by the trailer for ‘Bright’ which looked like a mismatched buddy cop movie with added fantasy elements such as orcs, elves and magic

It also reunited Will Smith with ‘Suicide Squad’ director David Ayer and in many ways it felt similar – funky ideas and hints of really super things that didn’t make it onscreen

There were dragons in the sky, centaur cops in the background of a couple of scenes as well as references to a Dark Lord and a prophecy – however disappointingly none of these were explored.

Despite that it was a fun enough film, it is essentially a cop film set in a slightly different version of contemporary America – where orcs are the underclass and elves are the distant (and under-explored) upper class.

I really wanted more world building and more detail, however perhaps the sequel will provide some more depth

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