Book: Adam J. Wright’s ‘Dark Peak’ – “You can’t have that kind of knowledge in your head and not do something about it”

I picked up ‘Dark Peak’ because I’d read something previously by the author that was ok and I needed something lightweight to read.

The premise is seven year old Mitch Walker was knocked out in the wood 30 years ago and his five year old sister disappeared. Now Mitch has returned to the Peak District temporarily and chances upon evidence that it might be an uncaught serial killer that took his sister

There is also an author of a popular true crime book in the area, Elly Cooper, and she too is looking at the possibility of a serial killer

So basically it’s a standard template of find the monster before the monster finds you. There was a manageably small suspect pool – so small that the serial killer was basically instantly obvious the minute they were introduced.

Mitch wasn’t a terribly deep man, Elly existed purely to give  slightly different view of the same simple story and the twist at the end was a bit dull! Other than that is was ok to read

Maybe I read too much Mark Billlingham before getting bored after book 7 or 8 to be that wowed by anything involving hunting human serial killers, however if this book turns into a series I can’t see me bothering reading anymore!

Link to Dark Peaks on Amazon in case you are tempted

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