Film – Army Of Darkness: The Medieval Dead – “are all men from the future loud-mouth braggarts?”

I hadn’t seen any of Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead’ films in years so jumped at the chance to watch the 3rd one – which in the UK is known as ‘Army Of Darkness: The Medieval Dead’; although may have a different name depending what country you are in!

Because nothing helps a film like having an unclear and muddled marketing campaign!

The plot is Ash (Bruce Campbell) ends up trapped in the Middle Ages and eager to get home in the right timeline, however this is almost incidental as it does little more than enable lots of undead to be killed.

For a comedy horror film from the early 1990s it’s held up pretty well and due to the handy recapping introduction you don’t even need to rewatch that first two ‘Evil Dead’ films. The film itself is pretty good – silly but enjoyable, I did catch myself thinking that some scenes weren’t exactly as I remembered however I assumed that was due to the years elapsed since I last watched it.

However things got a bit weird when it got to the ending as it wasn’t the ending that I was expecting at all!

Apparently there are two endings depending on if you view the US version or the UK/ Director’s cut

The endings are: (SPOILERS)

The US ending has Ash return to the present and back working in the S-Mart where he confronts one last Deadite. This was the ending that I was expecting and didn’t get!

However apparently the other ending is preferred by Raimi and Campbell, where Ash walls himself into a cave – with his Oldsmobile, takes too many drops of magic sleeping potion and wakes up in a post-apocalyptic landscape

So all very confusing!

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