Just-Noticeable Difference – a mechanism to steal chocolate

I’m still trying to improve my brain and not just read disposable junk, however it’s not as simple as I hoped – apparently my brain is not a muscle I’ve been exercising as diligently as I should have for *cough* some time

For example I stumbled across the term Just-Noticeable Difference or JND. The context was that humans experience a diminished sensitivity to changes away from what is ‘normal’ – this is apparently the Weber-Fecher Law where the JND of a variable is “proportional to the magnitude of that variable” (Richard H. Thaler’s ‘Misbehaving’)

fat hamster

(Picture from Pinterest)

So if my 56kg dog gains 100 grams I won’t notice, but if my tiny hamster gains 100 grams I will – and be seeking out an explanation and perhaps a vet

Wiki says ” is the amount something must be changed in order for a difference to be noticeable, detectable at least half the time”

Wiki also had some dodgy formula that put me off, however from a consumer perspective it’s important to know about JND as that’s what manufacture’s use to determine how much they can shrink a product by – whilst leaving the price the same, so that we won’t notice (or at least not complain). This seems to happen a lot with chocolate lately – everything seems to be shrinking a few grams on a regular basis

So what I learnt about Just-Noticeable Difference is that I should complain to the manufacturer about any time decrease in size, just to throw off their JND figures!

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