Book: Paul Matthews’ ‘We Have Lost The President’ – “without a leader, self-interest would be king”

The premise of ‘We Have Lost The President’ sounded fun, the year is 2044 and due to a hacker- related incident Britain is a low tech Republic with an elected President

Howie Pond is the President’s official spokesman and is granted quasi secret agent powers when the President goes missing as part of a desperate attempt to find him

We largely see this world from Howie’s view, a land of bureaucracy where the beeper is king and close ties between corporations and politics are rife

I really enjoyed the first three pages of the book, then the world building and scene setting gave way to Howie, his unlikeable girlfriend and his dreadful coworkers… the book is sad to be a comedy-thriller yet it wasn’t very funny or very thrilling

Somehow there are three sequels all starting ‘We Have Lost…’ so I guess other people liked it

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