Film: Falling Down – “I’ve passed the point of no return”

‘Falling Down’ came out in 1993, yet in many ways it still feels remarkable current and relevant; the annoyances that trigger William Foster’s angry day are very normal and understandable to most people.

Even over 20 years later the ‘normal’ measures of worth in mainstream society are having a job and a family, losing either, let alone both, tends to have a powerful effect on anyone – with rage  being an instinctive emotion.

falling down

Not that I’m suggesting that losing these ‘norms’ plus a bit of bad traffic should inspire someone to decide to ignore a restraining order put in place by their ex-wife (who also has custody of their child) and go across town causing increasingly violent mayhem in response to situation that are inconvenient or aggravating – but I understand the urge

Michael Douglas is a very convincing man well over edge and gives the depth of a role that could easily have been someone doing bad things for no reason.

Unfortunately whilst, or perhaps because, the film captures a certain zeitgeist it also faithfully depicts that usual outcome for someone rejecting all societal norms and rules – it doesn’t tend to end well


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