Film: Hollow Man “C’mon guys. That’s funny”

As a general rules I find that films from the mid 1990s to the mid 2000s with a rock/metal soundtrack aren’t very good; they tend to be horror/thriller films that have surprisingly large budgets given how poor the script is.

For example if I pick on Powerman5000 in that time period their tracks have featured on the soundtracks of ‘Spawn’ (1997), ‘Bride of Chucky’, ‘Dead Man On Campus’ (1998), ‘End of Days’ (1999), ‘Universal Solider: The Return’ (1999), ‘Dracula 2000’, ‘Scream 3’ (2000), ‘Freddy VS Jason’ (2003), ‘Alone in the Dark’ (2005) and ‘Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave’.

hollow man

This means that if I hear a rock/metal track obviously in a film score early on then fearing the worst feels reasonable; to be fair Powerman5000 don’t have a track present in ‘Hollow Man’, however there are a couple of cringe-inducing inserted rock/metal tracks that Google tells me are Skunk Anansie’s Charlie Big Potato and Sunna’s Power Struggle

So early musical warnings aside even as a concept it seems a bit ropey to make a film inspired by H. G. Wells The Invisible Man but not so inspired that you want to admit it. It was direct by Paul Verhoeven, yet features little of the social commentary or satirist depth present in ‘Robocop’ or even ‘Starship Troopers’; instead ‘Hollow Man’ is more a generic thriller / horror film about a scientist who makes himself invisible and truly embracing the creepy pervert aspects of his personality where were heavily hinted by his visible behaviour


Since the scientist was such a creepy pervert to start with the film doesn’t have any shock value to utilise when he goes completely off the rails, nor does it really know what to do with him within the confines of a laboratory and a small pool of potential victims, so it’s not massively interesting.

If I hadn’t been doing other things whilst watching this film I wouldn’t have made it to the half way mark, maybe it needed Powerman500 on the soundtrack after all

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