Book: Orlando A Sanchez’s ‘Silver Clouds Dirty Sky’ – “I looked liked a flailing ragdoll about to become pulped by a tree”

‘Silver Clouds Dirty Sky’  is book 4 in the Montague and Strong series, it also sees a change of location as they end up in London – via teleportation circle as oppose to a more mundane method of transport.

Happily the Hellhound Peaches also made it to London and they are all vaguely poking the investigation into the murder of a leading demonologist, but mostly they are causing chaos and racking up enemies.

silver clouds dirty sky

This is enjoyable enough, however it’s not anything new – we’ve had three books and several short stories of this. I think I was looking for something more and felt a little disappointed that there wasn’t much character growth; although to be fair Peaches does grow.

I do like the series premise and I will continue reading for at least one other book, however I might be less excited about the next one

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