Decluttering fail

In theory a minimalist house uncluttered by an over-abundance of possessions sounds lovely

The reality is we have a lot of stuff in the house; some stuff is necessary, some is pretty and some is just there

I would argue that six cat trees and stretching poles is essential, however my husband’s ample-bottomed cat still likes clawing the sofa.

Anyway, I found a box of things that I’d mostly forgotten about in a large box and as they are potentially arguably collectible I had the option of charity shop or eBay; I rashly chose eBay.

(Picture from Pinterest)

I rarely sell on eBay because it’s a faff every time, from the time spent listing – including scan past auctions of similar items to try to work out the best price where it will sell and give enough money to have been worth the effort, answering random questions from people who don’t bid anyway, the horror of having to find suitable packing late on a Sunday night as it turns out a last minute bid was placed and the horror of waiting to see if the buyer is going to demand a refund due to a perceived invisible imperfection …

The fees suck too.

However worse still are the items that don’t sell, the things that in theory have a value but only to the right person. The listing and relisting ever hopeful, although after several cycles of this the clutter is still in the way and now I’m very aware of it – perhaps the charity shop would have been the easier option!

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