Amazon Treasure Truck

Preempting the tax question, yes it would be very nice if Amazon paid tax that related directly to their UK sales rather then using a number of technically legal and morally iffy methods of tax avoidance (evasion is the illegal one)

However as my water supplier doesn’t pay fair tax and I have no choice about using them it makes little sense for me to pay more on items that Amazon happily will deliver to me. Plus there are next to no independent shops left open near me

As such, I was interested to hear that the Amazon Treasure Truck was coming to the UK, the Treasure Truck idea is odd; you give Amazon your phone number and they text you when they are in your area with details of what offer is available

That is indeed offer in the singular sense, there is only one thing available and only at one location in a set time slot. So it’s a really very random idea!

In my nearest applicable town we’ve had three visits so far this year, the offers were respectively burgers, chopping boards and pink gin.

The locations were a shopping centre, a rock climbing centre and what I think is a hi-if shop, so all very very random! To date the Truck hasn’t been fun enough to visit, perhaps next time it will offer something more enticing…

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