You get what you pay for

The time I allocated to sort out this week’s posts and generally sort my week was eaten by having to hurriedly repot all the tomato and chilli seedlings as it transpires they cheap seed compost from Aldi is indeed very cheap however it’s also very heavy and had meant very stunted roots

Which is vexing, however it was very cheap and and was worth a try, however I am not buying it again!

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2 thoughts on “You get what you pay for

  1. In general the cheap “store” brands are very heavy and often very acidic. I grabbed 6 bags at a local store in desperation last week, opened it, felt it, and dumped them in the compost pile. It would have been a waste of seed and plugs.

    • It was surprisingly heavy, I half-noticed when I was using it initially, however when potting up it was horribly apparent that the roots were almost non-existent!

      Definitely going back to something that is more the John Innes mix!

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