Pondering what makes a good film

Having recently watched a couple of films that people have raved about, only to find that I wasn’t as impressed as they were, made me ponder what factors have most impact on the enjoyment of a film:

  • Theme – an overall theme tends to help make a film have a sense of purpose. Even if the theme is basic and the scenes seemingly erratic – but not complete surreal as that is how you make an eventually cult film that turns most people off, for example ‘Lost Highway’
  • Characters – likeable characters are good as audiences tend to like having someone to root for. Equally if the lead character is dreadful that can get some traction with the audience – even if they are still unlikeable at the end. For example most of the characters in ‘The Opposite of Sex’ had a need for massive personal growtyet it was watchable (once)

  • Not too much gore; having too much gore in a film limits the potential audience massively – more so then nudity in most countries. It also makes certain types of nudity more likely – generally in the skinny dipping slutty teen variety. See any horror film aimed at a teen / young adult audience – notable mention to ‘My Bloody Valentine 3D’…
  • Well this isn’t working for me, I can’t explain why I liked ‘Get Out’ but zero interest in watching ‘The Quiet Place’, why ‘Lethal Weapon’ is more fun than ‘Mission Impossible’ although that could be that Tom Cruise is increasingly seeming creepy these days and it’s making the creepy more noticeable in earlier films

Some films are good enough to rewatch a lot over years for reasons you don’t really understand (‘America’s Sweethearts’ of all things) and others are strictly one night rentals (‘Transformers’ and one watch was too many for the sequels), some films I expect to like forever only to outgrow when I wasn’t looking (‘Run Lola Run’), if there was a logic to it someone would be making millions every time

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