Low on time and energy

Lately I’ve had good intentions and little time or energy

It’s nothing major triggering this, just a combination of stuff – an annoying course coming up that I have to travel for and get up early for, my manager is being odd, my company is being iffy, I want more time – and space, to do things I want, plus sometimes my darling spouse can be a little vexing

I’m sure I am also vexing, so I will try harder not to be – both vexed or vexing

I also need to use my time more wisely, not entirely sure how to do that!

Nails: kittens

So the spare room still isn’t finished in terms of paint, yet my darling spouse has decided he also wants to change the floor – to be fair the kittens so like emitting hairballs on that carpet

It just sounds a lot of effort and money to change the floor right now!

(Photo from Pinterest)

Food: gin and tonic popcorn

The craze for fancy gin or gin flavoured food has been around for a few months now: the market at Christmas was oversaturated with various concoctions – most of which sounded ghastly and were all expensive

The bubble appears to have burst on that market and things are starting to be sold off cheaply well before their best before date. Which I how I ended up trying gin and tonic flavoured popcorn

I did put it back in the shelf once before deciding it was something I’d never try at anywhere near full price and clearly the shops were not planning to continue selling it

However I do wish that I hadn’t bought it as it so gross it ended up going in the bin!