Nails : Sunshine

It’s rather warm at the moment and will be all weekend with perhaps some hope of cooling down from next Tuesday onwards

As such the sunscreen and ice cream are now lifesavers and the lack of air conditioning in my car is feeling a like this a crisis

(Photo from Pinterest)

Apart from that all this sun and heat is lovely…

Catnip ice cubes

As it’s going to be unseasonably warm this week I was thinking of nice things for the cats to help keep them cool

I decided to try putting catnip in small ice cube trays adding enough water on top to make it an ice cube

Stupidly I put this concoction in round puck shaped ice cube trays, making it perfect for G to fish out if the bowl and send skidding across the floor – hotly pursued by 8kg of cat who would then attacks anything that it ends up under

Then when he gets bored he Santeros away leaving g a soggy mush of catnip in a puddle of melted ice cube… this was a very bad idea

(Photo that seems to be on so many sites in various memes it’s utterly unclear of its origins despite the watermark – via google)

Strawberry mutants

I’m not sure why however there seem to be a lot of oddly shaped strawberries growing at the allotment this year

This is one that doesn’t look too much like male body parts

we have so many strawberries – mutant and otherwise, that I need to check how best to freeze some pretty ASAP

Nails: Fruit

Currently have lots of very nice strawberries from the allotment to the extent that lots are being eaten raw, we have made some very good jam and we are still feeling slightly pressured by how many we have!

So I’ve bought a dehydrator which should be interesting to try – however it won’t arrive until the weekend, until then I’m going to have to ask the internet what else can be dehydrated: I’m pretty much assuming all fruit can!

(Photo from Pinterest)

Could be an interesting weekend!

Round Courgettes

For the last couple of years we’ve grown courgettes and it turns out that I do like them – which is good as last year we ended up with silly amounts

This year I decided to try growing round courgettes – a decision based purely on finding reduced price round courgette seeds!

(Picture from Pinterest)

Currently the few fruits on them are the size of golf balls, which is too small to bother with however I’m not entirely sure what size will be the correct size!

Hopefully they will grow a bit more and I can find out, however at the moment I am finding normal shaped courgettes a lot less confusing!

Book: Cecilia Dominic’s ‘The Mountain’s Shadow’

I skim-read this book during gym workouts and still founding woefully wanting in terms of plot and character development

Joanie isa public health researcher who screws up her personal life (screwing your married boss is stupid – sorry) and goes to the middle of nowhere an elderly relative she barely knows dies and leaves her their huge house

She takes her best friend – who is a bad friend, with her, meets some unlikeable men and badly investigates missing children

I strongly suggest avoiding this book

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Nails: daisy

Far to much gardening and too much stress has trashed my nails, so I’m very carefully trying to regrow them with a bit more strength

Hopefully they stop being at the annoying uneven and not-matching stage ASAP!

(Photo from Pinterest )

Otherwise it’s way too easy to want to nibble them – as at least very short is even!