Book: Shannon Mayer’s ‘Witch’s Reign’ – “I didn’t run, but I did pick up my pace”

Zamira is cursed, nearly the last of her kind and her ex-husband is an awful person, happily she is also stubborn, sarcastic and fundamentally a nice person

These details alone should have made me realise that ‘Witch’s Reign’ was by the same author as ‘Venom and Vanilla’, plus the wall and Merlin. However it was the use of the word “super-duper” that made the connection for me, it’s an odd phrase even for a fantasy book and there couldn’t be two authors who would use it!

Whereas ‘Venom and Vanilla’ was set in a very contemporary and recognisable world – admittedly one with super-dupers in it, contrastingly ‘Witch’s Reign’ is pared back sword and sorcery: lots of horses and knives in freezing bleak wastelands

The plot was predictable, the characters not fully developed – although mildly intriguing due to their blank spots

It was a pretty decent quiet weekend read, not sure I rush to read the next one in the series, however it will make my free Amazon kindle book rental list so maybe next month!

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