Passion Flower – with no flowers

About four years ago my parents bought me a Passion Flower for a birthday present – which sets a certain level of pressure from the start!

The first two years it flowered and was gorgeous, last year it did very little generally and there were no flowers to speak of

Then we had a very hard winter and I was fairly convinced it had died – even cutting it back didn’t spur any growth

(Picture from RHS)

So I moved it to a new pot in a new more sheltered position – which still gets sun until about 2pm ish

It’s now shown signs of life and has grown about a metre, however there are absolutely no flowers!

Thankfully this might be normal according to the internet, possible helpful things to do are make sure it has sun, frequent water and feed it with bonemeal

The first two should be ok, so I will try adding bonemeal to see what happens!

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