My name is Meiv * and I write about things.

Sometimes because something has interested me, sometimes because things are scary/weird and sometimes so that I remember not to do something again (this mostly relates to rewatching certain films!)

If anyone asks… everything that seems even vaguely personal or might have other people mentioned is totally fictional… honest (this statement might be a fib so let’s move on).

As a general rule everything is written at least two weeks prior to posting – I don’t like last minute deadlines.

Where humanly possible I credit 3rd party pictures and content, sometimes the internet makes this tricky. Please do let me know if I haven’t credited something correctly and I will update accordingly – I respect copyright!
Comments are a good way to contact me but I have an Outlook address via WhereEvilThoughts if preferred.

* it is as good a name as any but is perhaps not my given name.

Copyright © 2013 WhereEvilThoughts

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