Nails: Yellow

One of the plants that I love in my garden is Buddleja × weyeriana, it’s basically a bright yellow buddleja (also spelt buddleia) that butterflies and bees love

At the moment it is a huge mass of yellow flowers and it’s gorgeous – it’s also huge and I suspect it bugs my neighbours so it’s just fab

Anyway, it put me in the mood for something yellow…

(Photo from Pinterest)

Now all we need is more butterflies!

Courgette plants that split

Despite my almost-best efforts of keeping the courgette plants watered I clearly didn’t quite manage to give them enough as two of them have gained slight splits in the stem

The splits are bad as it means the plant is compromised so it won’t produce as well as a healthy plant and it stands a good chance of dying early

After some internet searching there seems to be a theory that covering the split with soil may help; so I’ve done that and will keep my fingers crossed that it helps!

Monday already?

It’s become Monday a little too quickly!

I’m not organised yet, I didn’t do plank at the weekend or use the form roller which I really need to nor did I sort out a post for today!

However The Guardian have an interesting interview with Simon Pegg which helped me understand why I didn’t like his films from the past decade and a bit so that’s handy

Nails: Purple and Pretty

Still too warm to think at the moment so I wasn’t sure what I wanted to find this week, which is good because I can’t describe these nails

They remind me of star constellations with added random

(Photo from Pinterest)

Which sounds perfect right now!

Passion Flower – with no flowers

About four years ago my parents bought me a Passion Flower for a birthday present – which sets a certain level of pressure from the start!

The first two years it flowered and was gorgeous, last year it did very little generally and there were no flowers to speak of

Then we had a very hard winter and I was fairly convinced it had died – even cutting it back didn’t spur any growth

(Picture from RHS)

So I moved it to a new pot in a new more sheltered position – which still gets sun until about 2pm ish

It’s now shown signs of life and has grown about a metre, however there are absolutely no flowers!

Thankfully this might be normal according to the internet, possible helpful things to do are make sure it has sun, frequent water and feed it with bonemeal

The first two should be ok, so I will try adding bonemeal to see what happens!

Book: PJ Skinner’s ‘Fool’s Gold’

I am feeling conflicted, if I read a book that is dire and rubbish and badly written I want to have a record that I need to avoid it again – and possibly a record of an author to avoid like the plague

However I’ve never written a book so perhaps I shouldn’t condemn someone for doing something badly that I’ve never done… although I’m not condemning them personally, just their book

Sam Harris is a barely qualified geologist trying to make it in a man’s world and blah blah lost treasure, jungle, attempted rape, stereotypes abound and general dull stupid things

I skipped a chunk in the middle and got to the end, it didn’t make it any better

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Nails : Sunshine

It’s rather warm at the moment and will be all weekend with perhaps some hope of cooling down from next Tuesday onwards

As such the sunscreen and ice cream are now lifesavers and the lack of air conditioning in my car is feeling a like this a crisis

(Photo from Pinterest)

Apart from that all this sun and heat is lovely…

Catnip ice cubes

As it’s going to be unseasonably warm this week I was thinking of nice things for the cats to help keep them cool

I decided to try putting catnip in small ice cube trays adding enough water on top to make it an ice cube

Stupidly I put this concoction in round puck shaped ice cube trays, making it perfect for G to fish out if the bowl and send skidding across the floor – hotly pursued by 8kg of cat who would then attacks anything that it ends up under

Then when he gets bored he Santeros away leaving g a soggy mush of catnip in a puddle of melted ice cube… this was a very bad idea

(Photo that seems to be on so many sites in various memes it’s utterly unclear of its origins despite the watermark – via google)

Strawberry mutants

I’m not sure why however there seem to be a lot of oddly shaped strawberries growing at the allotment this year

This is one that doesn’t look too much like male body parts

we have so many strawberries – mutant and otherwise, that I need to check how best to freeze some pretty ASAP

Nails: Fruit

Currently have lots of very nice strawberries from the allotment to the extent that lots are being eaten raw, we have made some very good jam and we are still feeling slightly pressured by how many we have!

So I’ve bought a dehydrator which should be interesting to try – however it won’t arrive until the weekend, until then I’m going to have to ask the internet what else can be dehydrated: I’m pretty much assuming all fruit can!

(Photo from Pinterest)

Could be an interesting weekend!