Fish and chocolate

I have issues with fish, childhood memories of barbequed fish so heavily blackened that it was hard to tell the skin from the flesh until it was too late probably don’t help.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying really hard though, the supermarket offers mean my experiment is cheap(ish!).

First it was cod – skinless and boneless, in a lemon and cream sauce (pre-made sauce but it was free with a voucher!). The sauce let the fish down, although watching the TV show about ‘choccywoccydoodah’ for the first time probably didn’t help as I don’t have fond memories of slightly-bullying-bosses-who-think-they-are-funny-but-have-a-possible-undertone-of-malice-to-their-comments.

Second time was yellowfin tuna, it looked ugly but tasted nice. Not sauce, just lemon squeezed over the top and cooked in tinfoil.

Next week is swordfish, I’ve not tried swordfish so it sounds very exciting!



I won’t be mixing fish and chocolate again.

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