Taking an online course on Climate Change on a whim – Requires me to actually read

I decided to try a couple of free Open University courses to challenge my brain, I do worry that I feed it too much junk and that it is deteriorating.

There was a course on personal finance that I’m currently on week two of and it is meant to take about 3 hours work each week… I just did week two in about 10 minutes whilst watching ‘Men In Black 3’ and got 100% on the assessment – it is pretty basic course apparently.

However the same tactic didn’t work so well on week one of the Climate Change course, I found it rather dry and didn’t read very much, then I only managed to guess 60% correctly on the assessment.

I did lean a new word though, Albedo.

ice - arctic - guardian

(Image recycled from an earlier article, it’s from the Guardian originally… must find actual source link right after I reread the Climate Change course…)

Also known as “reflection coefficient” it is a measure of how reflective a surface is – and something to do with radiation. Ok I didn’t really pay enough attention to the definition but I know that the scale is 0 (black) to 1 (white).

Maybe I need to do some more reading before I try week 2

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