Pop Culture: Elder Scrolls – Did they even have keys?

My knowledge about the Elder Scrolls is pretty poor, I know that it is a series of computer games and that ‘Skyrim’ was one of them.

I know a bit about ‘Skyrim’ as the Husband was mildly addicted to it for some time… as were most of males of a similar age who I know.

Now that he has his very own car he has his own set of keys, and now that we’ve lost the MASSIVE garage door opener that was needed for our last home he was looking for a bulky keyring so that he’d stop misplacing the keys.

Luckily random cash-in pop culture merchandise saved the day and HMV sold him an Elder Scrolls keyring of a dragon Ouroboros.

elder scrolls keyring

I am just grateful that it wasn’t a keyring depicting an arrow to the knee.

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