Worst meal out in a long time

It is vexing when things don’t go according to plan – for example one of the parental units was visiting the Country to (hopefully) finish the paperwork fallout from a family death so a nice meal out and a fancy cake didn’t seem too much to organise.

I booked a meal at a restaurant that I hadn’t been to before but seemed to have a nice varied menu, was always busy when I walked past and had a nice interior. On paper it looked a good choice – the internet had mixed reviews but the general vibe was positive.

chicken remains

(Photo from suddenlunch.blogspot.co.uk)

The meal sucked on a number of fronts, from the REALLY excessive noise from the kitchen – I’m surprised they had any plates left in one piece, to the starters being very small portions – the baked flat mushrooms consisted of one small solitary mushroom.

Worst of all was the sticky toffee pudding, it was awful – the only thing sticky or toffee related was the sauce, the cake itself was a massive wedge of dry, flavourless stodge.

The waitress asked how the deserts were and, because she’d ask, we were honest about the disaster of the sticky toffee pudding – so we weren’t charged for that. But we left the establishment still feeling fired up and under-impressed, so we filled in the online feedback form – which was rather therapeutic.

The following morning by 9am we had a £30 voucher emailed, which is nice but this basically covers two main courses and a starter when we’d paid for three people having three courses – well apart from the sticky toffee pudding.

So I’m feeling that I should be pretty happy with this result but I am still a little BLEH about the whole experience as it was really embarrassing that I’d chosen the hellish venue. I guess we are going back at some point – well at least 2 of us, and I am really hoping for a better experience!

 I’ll tell you the cake story tomorrow!

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