Ben & Jerry’s Birthday Cake ice cream

It’s my birthday this month so it seemed a good reason to try one of the newest Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavours: Birthday Cake

It’s apparently vanilla cake batter ice cream with strawberry swirls, cake pieces AND pink frosting

If I’m completely honest it’s a little sweet for me, so its been open for over two weeks already and is being eaten in very small spoonfuls at a time!

It’s different in a good way though I wish they’d bring back Fossil Fuel flavour

Food: Ben & Jerry’s Home Sweet Honeycomb

The snow is nearly all gone and I rather fancied ice cream, happily there was an offer on a flavour of Ben & Jerry’s that I hadn’t tried before – Home Sweet Honeycomb

It’s sweet cream ice-cream with chocolate covered chunks of honeycomb and honey caramel swirls, it’s also very tasty

It’s not going to replace Phish Food as my all-time favourite, however it’s not far off

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