House Hunting: Gas releasing Budgies and Hells Angels = no sale

Went to see a house today, it looked rather cute in the photos and the floor plan was ok – although not perfect.

It has originally advertised as being three bedrooms and then it was suddenly pulled off the market and went back on as a two bedroom. It transpired that the top bedroom didn’t have planning permission and the estate agents even went as far as to pull the photos of the room from the internet!

Turned up to see it and the neighbourhood seemed ok… one side of the road was terraces which looked rather like student housing and the other side were old-style semis. We found the semi in question and it looked ok from the outside – directly opposite it was a Hell’s Angels establishment, completed with blacked out windows and bristling with security cameras.

Already it was a “hell no” to this house. As we had an appointment we went through the motions, although the house STANK of gas. I even mentioned this to the estate agent but he blamed the budgie that was sitting looking miserable in a corner of the living room – which was certainly a novel excuse.

The not-a-bedroom-really room is never ever going to pass building regulations. It is a narrow staircase with a low room and beams to get up there, even knowing it was a low room I nearly bopped my head on the way back down.

So that was fun 🙂

I don’t think that I am being fussy, I think that people keep trying to sell rubbish!

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