Crafty: Photo onto a Canvas Bag

As a concept putting a photo onto a canvas bag is fairly straightforward and should be pretty easy, the reality can see it go a bit wrong

The materials aren’t complicated – a canvas bag, a photo printed onto paper, some image transfer goop (I used Dylon Image Maker Glue however there are a few options)

In theory you cover the printer photo with the glue stuff pretty thickly and then place it on your bag (glue side down obviously!), if there are any air bubbles then smooth/push those out then leave it to try overnight

Once it is try then use a wet sponge to carefully soak the paper so that it rubs off and leaves the image behind. The aim is to remove all traces of the paper and then when clan & dry add a bit of the glue over the top to hold the image

Then you should be left with a lovely picture on your bag – simple right?

It would have been more simple had I know these minor details before I started:

IRON the canvas bag first – seriously otherwise the creases screw it right up

It’s really easy to rub the image off with the paper so take it slowly, if it doubt leave it and come back later

Removing the paper carefully takes way longer than you’d expect!

But apart from that it was a lovely quick and easy thing to do that didn’t make me swear at all…

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