Book: M.D. Massey’s Junkyard Druid – “eventually you’ll learn how to stop when you’re ahead”

Kindle Unlimited’s free trial let me overcome my absolutely horror at a book with a main character called Colin McCool enough to try it.

There is absolutely no way I would have paid money for a book where the lead character had a moniker *that* rubbish.

I have read the first in the series of Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Series and thought it was ok – if I ever found the rest of the series cheaply I would probably read it. This does mean that druids in a modern setting felt rather done to me.

junkyard druid

However free books to read is enough to overcome most of my quibbles; this is not a young adult book – the author is very clear on that in the preface, there is naughty language, blood, drug addiction, boobs and everything; everything except for character development that would push this into being an adult book.

It felt juvenile throughout and the female characters were awful stereotypes – there is a dead perfect true love, the pretty but shy girl who is firmly friend-zoned and the slut who wants to get into his pants.

I actually ended up feeling sorry for the slutty girl as she was hideously underwritten – if nothing else I couldn’t work out why on earth she would want to get with Colin.

The mythical monsters were background noise to Colin’s pining over the dead girl and his being childishly angry at his mentor.

I much much preferred the Iron Druid – despite having got rid of that book over three years ago when it didn’t make the house-move-frantic-packing grade.

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