Film: ‘Dark Shadows’ – “I am neither good nor gentle! And I do not forgive! “

I had zero expectations from this film as I paid 10 pence for a brand new copy – to be exact the film cost 10 pence more than the postage costs of a book that I was buying anyway and buying the film meant I didn’t have to pay postage.

Having avoid the lack of buzz when it came out the only film-specific things that I knew were that it was based on a TV show that I hadn’t seen and the jeweller who made my engagement ring had also made most of the jewellery for the film.

dark shadows

Being a Tim Burton film it was almost certainly going to be weird and visually stylish – which is was. It also had some intentional laugh out loud moments, some of which were somewhat ick and I wouldn’t personally have given it a 12 rating.

The plot jumped around like the Mexican Jumping Bean that kept my sibling amused for a whole afternoon summer, it didn’t flow, there were lots of bits everywhere and very little actual resolution but it was fun.

The ending was sudden and almost a let down, but up to that point it had been visually very fun and definitely not boring! So all in all it was a good use of 10 pence.

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