Bletchley Park – Cyanide and candy

Given the recent D-Day anniversary it seemed a nice idea to finally make it to Bletchley Park – something which the husband has wanted to do for ages.

I went in expecting it to not be entirely my favourite thing but I expected it to be interesting and informative. What it transpired to be was a VERY long drive to see some badly laid out unventilated rooms which contained the ruins of some gadgets which looked concerning like every Craft Design Technology project that I ‘lost’ at school.

This automatically led me to detest Bletchley as at school CDT was compulsory and it sucked. From the half-explained projects, the unsupervised dangerous machinery, to the pervy handyman it was the worst subject that I wasn’t excused from attending.

Wrens operating the Colossus computer, 1943.

(Photo from BBC)

Bletchley Park had potential but bored me to tears, the highlight was when the poor slobs in the canteen couldn’t tell the difference between brownie and tiffin so undercharged me for the inedible slice of ick.

I am assured that the adjacent, but entirely separate, National Museum of Computing was better, but by this time I refused to give anyone money to bore me to tears, so I sat in the sun and listened to some crazy woman rant about how difficult the births of her children were several decades ago instead.

I want my damn day back.

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