My new CEO is probably evil – With added skulls.

My employer got a new CEO a couple of months ago, the old CEO wasn’t keeping the investors happy so they got rid of him – he didn’t see it coming, which is probably pretty good evidence that he had no vision (strategic or otherwise).

The new CEO seems sending chummy blog post style emails, this is a good sign that he shouldn’t be trusted but until the other day I hadn’t actually met him – saying “hi” at 7am when I am rushing to the gym in a t-shirt adorned with a skull doesn’t count.


(I saved this photo about 10 years ago, no idea from where)

After some prompting he decided to arrange “chats” with a few Business Areas, including mine. He didn’t come over very well. Given I am trying to swear less and chill out I can’t fully express what I felt in my own words, but I was inspired to start a playlist which covered some of my feelings.

Name Artist
Trust? Limp Bizkit
We Must Bury You Katatonia
Fat Around the Heart KING 810
Another Day, Another Vendetta Hatebreed
Let the planets burn Hanzel und Gretyl
Car Full Of Stash Gluecifer
Mr. Wiggly Full Devil Jacket
American Capitalist Five Finger Death Punch
Burn It Down Five Finger Death Punch
Burn MF Five Finger Death Punch
Dot Your Eyes Five Finger Death Punch
Droppin’ Plates Disturbed
Just Got Wicked Cold
Lumps Chimaira
What If I Lost It Bloodsimple
A Better Lie Pitchshifter
Brand New Hate Backyard Babies
Stab You Through The Everything A18
Counterfeit Limp Bizkit
Dot Your Eyes (feat. Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed) Five Finger Death Punch
Sick Of Man Cold
Heffalumps and Woozles Walt Disney

It is still a work in progress and I probably need more screaming in order to properly express how much I don’t trust this person.

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Animals nails – warning these may eat your soul

Due to a stress-related incident my nails are currently a little bit too short to bother painting with anything too fancy.

So as an incentive to avoid more stress-related incidents I sought out some funky animal nails!

The zoo animals from AdventuresInAcetone would probably look best on my niece (or anyone under 5!) but I can’t image her sitting still long enough!

I love the idea of JanuarySublime’s penguins and the age range probably goes up to a solid mid 20-something years of age! I personally prefer the yellow feet to the orange.


I love the way this snake from Sonoma dances across the hand, it looks dangerous and elegant!


All of the above are fab, but these demonic sheep take the prize.  Never before have I been truly scared of nail art but these floating blank-eyed sheep with glitter grass are fantastically creepy. I have never wanted to paint my nails so much in my life!
I may get hate mail from the mani artist for saying this but these nails remind me of the film Black Sheep – photo below, probably not for the squeamish.