Craft: Felting

I would really like to be artistically inclined and have lots of half started projects to prove it

A combination of lack of time and lack of confidence tends to scupper me, however I would like to go into 2018 with a view to completing at least some of these endeavours!

The other month I did buy a felting kit (sometimes called needle felting) to make some animals, the logic was that the kit contained everything that would be useful when starting a new hobby; it turned out that the kit contained everything except any instructions

dinosaur felting

So I had wool, a bit of foam to stab, some needles and not a clue where to start! A very brief look at videos online summed felting up as “stab the wool lots until it sticks together”

However there were a few minor details that I wish I’d known before I started:

  1. If you are making multiple legs (as you will need to for most mammals)  make them all at the same time using the same amount of wool – otherwise your felt animal will be mutant and lopsided
  2. It’s really easy to break the needles if you aren’t careful, try to pull the needle out at the same angel as you stabbed it in to reduce the risk of breaking. Cutting open the animal to retrieve the broken end feels a bit wrong
  3. Making your own eyes is hard if you want them to actually match. Seriously consider using buttons or glass eyes, otherwise you may have a scary looking beastie staring unevenly at you
  4. Be careful when adding wool to cover the joins where limbs and other body part attach, otherwise it can lead to strange lumps if you add too much – my poor first dinosaur really had thunder thighs!

Now that I know all that maybe I should try making another one…

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