Nails: Fruit

Currently have lots of very nice strawberries from the allotment to the extent that lots are being eaten raw, we have made some very good jam and we are still feeling slightly pressured by how many we have!

So I’ve bought a dehydrator which should be interesting to try – however it won’t arrive until the weekend, until then I’m going to have to ask the internet what else can be dehydrated: I’m pretty much assuming all fruit can!

(Photo from Pinterest)

Could be an interesting weekend!

Nails: Fruit – A healthy start to 2014

A lot of people make resolutions for the New Year, a popular one seems to be to get healthier in some way or another. Many people swear that eating lots of fruit will help with this.

I wondered if fruit on nails would also help…

Oranges are supposed to be good for you and these do look good enough to eat.

fruit nail art - oranges

(Photo from qtplace)

But what if you want more variation? What if oranges are getting too much? I guess you could try more variation – that huge apple looks good.

fruit nails 1jpg

(Photo from

Sometimes slices of fruit look more enticing than the whole thing,  such as these:

fruit nails crafty

(Photo from thecraftyninja)

But unless you can eat it all on one go you probably want a mixture of sliced and whole fruit – which make these perfect!

fruit cocktail nails

(Photo from shortellengl1106.blogspot)

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