Proving that cake isn’t always friendly

Continuing on from yesterday, the nice meal out didn’t go so well but it is ok as I’ve ordered a fancy cake from a Patisserie…

So I turn up clutching my scrap of paper with the order number on, I sidestep the ladies who are bamboozled by the choice of cakes – which bluntly can be divided into either fruit tarts or chocolate and cream slices, and hand my number to the lady behind the counter.

She pulls out a box from lower shelf of the fridge unit and takes off the lid… everyone in eyeshot peers into the box and goes “ooh”… expect me, I’m scrabbling for my phone to prove that it is the wrong cake.


(Photo from patisserie valerie)

It is unquestionably the wrong cake, exotic fruit tarts don’t look anything like mixed berry tarts and I definitely ordered the former at a cost of nearly £30 for an 8 inch cake.

The lady behind the till agrees they are definitely not the same thing and says that if I had ordered in-store then they would give me a full refund and let me take the cake. But as I ordered online I would have to email their head office to ask for my money back.

My face must have been a picture as she hurriedly requisitioned the four normal size exotic fruit tarts they had in stock and gave me those as a peace offering. The ladies who had been bamboozled had just decided they wanted to have them, oops!

So I had a big cake that wasn’t what I wanted, four small versions of what I did want and then a small bag of truffles were thrown into the bag too – approximately £15.40 worth of bribes to prevent me making a scene.

I was very grateful for the bribes as my parental unit wasn’t overly taken with the mixed berry cake so having a small version of the correct one went some way to temper the disappointing day!

It also took the edge off the website having no clear policy on cocked-up orders and the 15 working day turn-around time for them to reply to emails! So I am waiting to see what they say, whilst finishing off the sub-par, unwanted and under-loved mixed berry cake.

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