Nails: Fruit

Currently have lots of very nice strawberries from the allotment to the extent that lots are being eaten raw, we have made some very good jam and we are still feeling slightly pressured by how many we have!

So I’ve bought a dehydrator which should be interesting to try – however it won’t arrive until the weekend, until then I’m going to have to ask the internet what else can be dehydrated: I’m pretty much assuming all fruit can!

(Photo from Pinterest)

Could be an interesting weekend!

Drink: Zeo – no artificial ingredients but tastes unreal

I received a sample of a new(ish) soft drink called Zeo recently. Unfortunately it has leaked all over my shopping and made everything sticky, but there was still about half the bottle left so I decided to try it.

The main reason for trying it was the bottle was pretty stylish to the point where you could imagine months being spent on getting the shape just right.

Zeo is advertised as a Russian product, which means it has Russian money backing it but isn’t particularly traditionally Russian as far as I can recall (it’s been a while and I may be supressing the memories of my time there).

zeo drink

It is aimed at adults and priced to match; it seems to be around £4.29 for 4 bottles from a nameless supermarket. Zeo is low calorie (under 60 calories per bottle) and has no artificial ingredients – instead it is made up for 32 herbs and comes in some random flavours.

For example Peach & grapefruit and blood orange & citrus. I can’t remember which one of the two painted my shopping, it was something citrus-based, it was a mild flavour at the time with a funny aftertaste and a weird tingle that was rather off-putting.

It seemed like the bottle was the focus of their time and research, the drink itself was merely something to justify the bottle!

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