Gardening: Lying Through My Teeth

I am not proud to admit this but this week I was asked “so what plants are on your gardening list?” and my response was to lie through my teeth.

The honest answer would have been “I’m waiting to see if the other stuff we planted dies first”.

But the answer I gave was “oh I have a couple of things I’m considering, I’ll email you”.


rollins band liar
There was then 140 minutes of frantic google activity until I came up with a half-way believable list which looked like:

Geraniums should  be ok in clay and asters might be.

Siberian iris look bright

Masterwort could work

hybrid Lenten rose appeal


I like ‘brilliants’ but I don’t think they’d like the soil

Sweet briar should be pretty easy and have a charm  –  but get rather broad

I like periwinkle but they get rather broad

If I’m honest I am not massively concerned about any of these, all I want to grow is something I can eat – although *what* is not exactly planned yet.

So the whole (hole?) time I have Henry Rollins howling “LIAR” – I am totally going to gardening hell.

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