Nails: Fairy tales – Number 1 In Deutschland

I’ve been using the word “Über” too much lately.

Über reminds me of the band Hanzel und Gretyl but I am not sure I’d want to see any nail art inspired by them, so a couple of letter swaps later I end up with Hansel and Gretel and end up looking at fairy tale nail art.

There are a wide range of potential fairy tales to turn into nail art, but it makes sense to do something instantly recognisable so you don’t spend the entire day explaining what is on your nails! For example Rapunzel – complete with Pascal her pet chameleon.

rapunzel tangled nails

(Photo by Luchessa)

Little Red Riding Hood is also a nice choice, familiar enough to be recognisable but with enough freedom to have some flair – I love the fact that this mani is so dark and creepy!

little red riding hood

(Photo from KasNails)

Even a simple frog prince can led to fab nails

frog prince nail art

(Photo from abackwardsstory)

The trouble is sometimes it is easy to get ambitious, which can mean your artistic rendition of an Evil Queen makes her look pre-melted.

snow white queen

(Photo from naildesignblog)

Then there is just the stuff that is scary, I honestly have no words for describe this mani, other than it reminds me of ‘My Little Pony Equestria Girls’ – which is never a good thing!

what the hell nail art

(Photo from some TArt)

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