Gardening: I think it’s dead

When someone says “I’ve sent you 100 snowdrop bulbs” I was a) vey surprised as that seems pretty random and b) expecting dry bulbs.

What I got was “in green” snowdrops, i.e. snowdrops that someone else planted, saw flower, dug up and shoved in the post with the expectation that I would plant them. There was probably also the expectation that the plants would live… but that might have been too much to hope for.

Apparently what you *should* plant “in green” snowdrops do that only the green is showing. 40 minutes of searching on the internet did NOT tell me this but I really wish it had.

Let’s just say my snowdrops are showing some white stalk above ground…but they are also lying limp and dead looking so it might be a mute point.

On the plus side the Forythia, Buddleja or Japanese Cherry don’t seem to obviously hate me right now… there is no sign they like me but it could happen!

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