Long films and what to do

Monday night sort of went to plan, in so far as I made dinner with enough leftovers for an easy lunch tomorrow, had home made crumble from the increasingly huge rhubarb bush in the garden and watched a film

The film was 2 hours and 32 minutes long, that rather eats the entire evening; yes I can stick the washing machine on to get through some of the laundry pile and yes I can fuss the cats – assuming they want fuss!

(Photo from makezine)

As there does seem to be a fixed trend towards films over 2 hours long I really must lean to knit so I can do something useful whilst still watching: the mother-in-law knits cute little octopus things for premature babies, which really should motivate me more!

However I’m ashamed to say that having heard problems about the local hospital’s stance on the octopus knits I’m probably more likely to be inspired by hats for cats!

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