How to get an indoor pool with surprisingly little effort… and zero intent

I’m still trying to get the new house how the Husband and I want it – including the joy of finding an electricity and gas supplier who charges a sane price!

Up until now one of the larger hurdles has been trying to find a local takeaway that had more than a one food hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency – this has been surprisingly hard!

Then the washing machine decided that we needed an indoor pool so that needed replacing in a hurry! We found a nice new one in Costco and thought “fab! We can get it now and have no delivery costs or delays” and then realised that it weighed 77kg!

broken washing machine

(Photo from Which)

Amazingly it did fit in the car and thank goodness for the lovely employee in the carpark for giving us a hand – or a shove!

Needless to say we needed a friend to assist us getting it back out of the car! But it made it and so far so good! It even plays a happy little tune when it has finished washing!

I’m sure other stuff must have happened but the house stuff seems to take precedent! We’ve got to re insulate the loft next as there is next to nothing up there!

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