Nails: Purple and Pretty

Still too warm to think at the moment so I wasn’t sure what I wanted to find this week, which is good because I can’t describe these nails

They remind me of star constellations with added random

(Photo from Pinterest)

Which sounds perfect right now!

Nails : Sunshine

It’s rather warm at the moment and will be all weekend with perhaps some hope of cooling down from next Tuesday onwards

As such the sunscreen and ice cream are now lifesavers and the lack of air conditioning in my car is feeling a like this a crisis

(Photo from Pinterest)

Apart from that all this sun and heat is lovely…

Nails: Fruit

Currently have lots of very nice strawberries from the allotment to the extent that lots are being eaten raw, we have made some very good jam and we are still feeling slightly pressured by how many we have!

So I’ve bought a dehydrator which should be interesting to try – however it won’t arrive until the weekend, until then I’m going to have to ask the internet what else can be dehydrated: I’m pretty much assuming all fruit can!

(Photo from Pinterest)

Could be an interesting weekend!

Nails: daisy

Far to much gardening and too much stress has trashed my nails, so I’m very carefully trying to regrow them with a bit more strength

Hopefully they stop being at the annoying uneven and not-matching stage ASAP!

(Photo from Pinterest )

Otherwise it’s way too easy to want to nibble them – as at least very short is even!

Nails: kittens

So the spare room still isn’t finished in terms of paint, yet my darling spouse has decided he also wants to change the floor – to be fair the kittens so like emitting hairballs on that carpet

It just sounds a lot of effort and money to change the floor right now!

(Photo from Pinterest)

Nails: Rubber Duckie

I’m sleeping a little better this week so my brain feels a bit less fried, of course now I’ve probably jinked it

But look at the duckie!

(Photo from Pinterest)

Maybe I can try counting duckies rather then sheep!

Nails: Strawberries

As the weather seems somewhat nicer I’ve rashly planted out my new strawberry plants, I did make a note of the two varieties however that bit of paper is currently somewhere very safe…

However they are planted, are starting to look like they might flower and I’ve even put up some netting to try to prevent stomping by the very fat pigeons

(Photo from Pinterest)

Really looking forward to hopefully having some nice fresh strawberries this year as last year’s were good, however we would cheerfully have eaten more!

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