Music : Evanescence cause global warming – As Boxing Day is a day for blazing rows

My CD purge is starting off with the dregs – the CDs that live on the top rack and that I can barely reach, the CDs that I haven’t listened to in about a decade.

The CDs which I am not sure I ever listened to more than once or twice, that I was bought or told were worth buying. These are the CDs that acted as a cautionary tale and are the reason why I am very careful what I buy.

To avoid any ambiguity, I don’t download music, I like a physical object to hold and I dislike piracy.

deadsy commencement

(CD on it’s way to the charity shop)

A lot of the dregs I have disposed of without fanfare, a dirty little secret dropped off in darkness and never admitted to. However some I am so happy to be rid of that I must celebrate their departure, for example Deadsy’s ‘Commencement’ and Orgy’s ‘Vapour Transmission’.

Deadsy was (is?) Cher’s fault, her son Elijah Blue Allman formed an eletro-pop band with a silly name. Technically I am sure Elijah would rather call Deadsy’s noise to be darkwave or nu metal, but having listened to ‘Commencement’ I can safely say it is just noise.

Orgy are pretty much the same difference and also helped break Korn’s record label (Elementree Records).

evanescence on fire

(Evanescence cause global warming on some video for some song of theirs)

Actually Orgy are slightly more annoying they swear on the CD but have printed the lyrics on the booklet with the words starred out, which is just pathetic.

There are many theories as to what caused nu metal’s mainstream decline,  whether you liked or hated the genre the rot was definitely growing by 2002 and I happily blame Deadsy to ensuring the rot spread past the point where it could be contained.

Personally I also blame Evanescence, but I would cheerfully blame them for global warming , famine, death and earthquakes if there was a jot of evidence. They were one of two bands that I declined to help promote back in the day when I’d cheerfully prompt most things in return for free CDs, stickers and posters – the other band was Lost Prophets and I am very happy with that decision

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