Food: Seed and Bean Coconut and Raspberry chocolate – Desk chocolate

Seed and Bean make odd flavoured chocolate with organic and fair-trade elements where possible.

Naturally Waitrose sell it and once lunchtime I wanted something sweet but in a dark chocolate way so that I would savour it and ration it out over days without feeling cheated.

seed and bean raspberry

So the idea of a coconut and raspberry organic dark chocolate bar sounded great. 66% cocoa in a 85gr bar at a mildly reduced price from RRP.

The coconut oil is 2% and the raspberries are 4%, so I was expecting a mild flavour with nice chocolate. What I got was a greasy yet gritty chocolate with what tasted like faux-berry flavour.

It lasted in my desk drawer for almost two months, when I got really desperate I would have a piece. It may have been organic and fair-trade and  all these god things, but it tasted horrid and that is more important than any green or humanitarian credentials!

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